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Chemical Earthing Material
Copper Coil, ground rod clamps, earthing grids are few chemical earthing material used in chemical earthing. These material are corrosion resistant, dependable, maintenance free, and ensure efficiency of grounding system. These are used in protecting equipment and installations.
Earthing Electrode
Earthing electrode is one of the important components in the earthing system. We make this component available in a variety of kinds, for instance copper clad rod, gi strip, earthing pipe, etc. Customers can select based on the requirement.
Copper Bonded Electrode
Copper Bonded Electrode is offered by Gmax Electric India at market leading price. It is an important component in the earthing system. It is thermal stable, crack resistant and has excellent electrical conductance. Contact us to meet your copper bonded earthing electrode requirement.
Lightning and Surge Arrester
Transient surge protector, industrial arrester, ESE lightning protection arrester, ESE lightning terminal are few lightning and surge arresters used on electrical equipment, electric power systems and telecommunication systems for protecting them against lightening damage and over-voltage transients.

Copper Earthing Rod
Buy from us threaded copper rod, copper bonded earthing rod, copper ground rod, and copper clad earth rod. These copper earthing rods available in different sizes are made based on different standards, such as IS 3043 / IEEE: 80, BS: 7430 and ASTM: G57 – 06.
Lightning Protection System
Buy from us lightning protection system, including direct lightning counter, spike lightning earthing rod, lightning conductors, etc. This system is applicable in homes, factories, workshops, towers and buildings; and mainly used for diversion of lightning current safely past any structure.
Pit Covers
Buy from us ploy plastic pit cover, polyplastic earthing pit cover and FRP earthing pit cover at market leading price. These covers developed in several shapes and sizes are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, expansion and other deforming forces.
Chemical Earthing Electrodes
Buy from us sturdily built chemical earthing electrodes that have weather and temperature resistance body. These are offered in varied lengths, such as 3.0 meter, 2.0 meter, 1.5 meter and 1.0 meter. All have 12 gauge inner pipe thickness and 14 gauge outer pipe thickness.
Lightning Protection Rod
Lightning rod arrester, thundering protector, early streamer emission air terminal and FRP mast fall in the category of lightning protection rod. All electrical instrument along with people working around them are protected with the proper earthing system.
Grounding System
Plate earthing systems, electrical earthing equipment and earthing GI strip are grounding earthing system we make available to our customers. This finely finished and durable systems have high strength and last for long time.
GI Earthing Electrode
Contact Gmax Electric India for buying GI earthing electrode for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Earthing is one of the best methods to safeguard assets and lives in any building against electrical shocks and lightening. Heavy industries, manufacturing facilities, data centers can use GI earthing electrode.
Advanced Earthing Solutions
Ground enhancing backfill compound, highly conductive grounding gel and OHM electro magnetic grounding are some advanced earthing solutions applicable in remote & central office digital switches, nuclear facilities, petrochemical industry and LNG industry.
Earth Enhancing Compound
Grounding conductivity improver, back fill compound gel, ground enhancing mineral are few earth enhancing compounds with quality finish, smooth functioning, and anti corrosive surface. These are used in all, residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Earthing Electrode Material
Earthing clamps and couplers, MEEB busbars are few earthing material used in earthing system for voltage stabilization and over-voltage protection. Excessive or fault current is flown by this system from an alternate path.
Welding Material
Exothermic welding mould and products are a few welding material used mainly for lightning protection, power plant and sub-stations earthing, telecommunications, etc. Joining of dissimilar metals is possible with exothermic welding.
Chemical Earthing Rods
Gmax Electric India is a name to trust when it comes to buying chemical earthing rods. Copper chemical earthing rods offered are applicable in transmission & distribution system, substations & power generators, lightening arrester earthing and telecommunication towers & microwave antennas.
4G Earthing Electrode
4G earthing electrode in the offering are made from stainless steel 304L and can be installed both, horizontally and vertically. It can be used in oil refineries, pump stations, water treatment plant and food processing plant.